MA-70523526 EPE E 1561 RN 2 010

MA-77680499 PI4145PS25
28. April 2019
907916 EDS 348-5-016-000
28. April 2019

Mahle Filterelemente

Articel number: MA-77680499

Designation: PI4145PS25

Replace for: 1561H10XLA000P , 1561K10P , 1561H10XLA000M
1561H10LLP , 1561H10SLA000P


Filter elements for liquid filters PDF


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MA-70523526 EPE E 1561 RN 2 010

Powerful filter elements for almost all liquids

New MAHLE Premium Select high performance and disposable filter elements
with innovative construction. Universally applicable for
for hydraulic and lubricating fluids, fuels, aqueous
Media and synthetic fluids
Sm-N: disposable depth filter elements with highest filtration fineness and
Dirt holding capacity
Sm-x: standard glass fiber disposable filter elements, universally applicable
Mic: inexpensive disposable filter elements
Drg: cleanable wire mesh surface filter elements
KS-Mic: highly efficient one-way depth filter elements for cooling lubricants
WS-Mic, WS-PS and WS-Sm-x: Filter elements with additional
water absorption
Version for MAHLE filter housings, as alternative elements in
the dimensions of other manufacturers and in customized
Complete program according to DIN 24550
Guaranteed deposition rates according to multipass test after
ISO 16889 for PS, Sm-x and Sm-N filter elements
High differential pressure stability and dirt holding capacity
of the elements
Worldwide distribution

MA-70523526 EPE E 1561 RN 2 010

Filter elements are the actual component of the filter in which the filtration process takes place. For the filtration of different liquids
and applications, different filter materials have been developed. There is therefore a wide range of elements in the
same filter housing fit, but are intended for very different applications.

MA-70523526 EPE E 1561 RN 2 010

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