EDS 1700

907916 EDS 348-5-016-000
28. April 2019
EDS 300
28. April 2019

Hydac Electronic Pressure Switches

EDS 179

Electronic pressure switches offer a multitude of advantages in comparison with mechanical pressure switches and contact manometers. They convince though greater accuracy, freedom from wear, long-term stability, simpler operation and the high number of switching cycles, among other things.


Thick-layer DMS on ceramic diaphragm (low-pressure range)
Thin film DMS on stainless steel diaphragm (low-pressure and high-pressure ranges)

Data sheet

Hydac 906203 EDS 1791-N-016-000
Hydac 906237 EDS 1791-N-040-000
Hydac 906204 EDS 1791-N-100-000
Hydac 906205 EDS 1791-N-250-000
Hydac 906206 EDS 1791-N-400-000
Hydac 906207 EDS 1791-N-600-000
Hydac 908813 EDS 1791-N-600-009(450bar)
Hydac 906529 EDS 1791-P-009-000 (-1…+9bar)
Hydac 908850 EDS 1791-P-010-016(0..5V)
Hydac 906195 EDS 1791-P-016-000
Hydac 906194 EDS 1791-P-016-009(10bar)
Hydac 906236 EDS 1791-P-040-000
Hydac 908851 EDS 1791-P-050-016(0..5V)
Hydac 906197 EDS 1791-P-100-000
Hydac 906196 EDS 1791-P-100-009(50bar)
Hydac 908852 EDS 1791-P-100-016(0..5V)
Hydac 908853 EDS 1791-P-200-016(0..5V)
Hydac 906199 EDS 1791-P-250-000
Hydac 906198 EDS 1791-P-250-009(200bar)
Hydac 906200 EDS 1791-P-400-000
Hydac 908854 EDS 1791-P-450-016(0..5V)
Hydac 906202 EDS 1791-P-600-000
Hydac 906201 EDS 1791-P-600-009(450bar)
Hydac 908815 EDS 1792-N-016-000(232PSI)
Hydac 906926 EDS 1792-N-040-000(580PSI)
Hydac 907506 EDS 1792-N-100-000(1450PSI)
Hydac 907522 EDS 1792-N-250-000(3625PSI)
Hydac 907523 EDS 1792-N-400-000(5800PSI)
Hydac 907524 EDS 1792-N-600-000(8700PSI)
Hydac 908701 EDS 1792-P-016-000(232PSI)
Hydac 908814 EDS 1792-P-016-009(145PSI)
Hydac 907535 EDS 1792-P-100-000(1450PSI)
Hydac 908816 EDS 1792-P-100-009(725PSI)
Hydac 907940 EDS 1792-P-250-000(3625PSI)
Hydac 908811 EDS 1792-P-250-009(2900PSI)
Hydac 908331 EDS 1792-P-400-000(5800PSI)
Hydac 908812 EDS 1792-P-600-009(6525PSI)

Standard pressure ranges

EDS 179

Between 0 … 1 and 0 … 600 / 1000 bar relative pressure, depending on the version
Up to 2.5 bar absolute pressure
Adjustment also in PSI and MPa
Other pressure ranges and special adjustments also upon request

HYDAC is a group of companies specializing in the manufacture and sale of components and systems as well as services for the industrial sectors of hydraulics / fluid technology and electronic control technology. There are 15 independent companies under the Hydac brand. Wikipedia
Turnover: 1.3 billion euros
Number of employees: over 8,000
Foundation: 1963https://www.hydac.com
Headquarters: Sulzbach / Saar
Legal form: GmbHs
Subsidiary: Hydac Technology Corporation, MORE

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